Meet our 1st DIY Custom Blog Design Contest Judge!

Our DIY Custom Blog Design Contest is coming up fast, you only have until this Sunday to enter!  CLICK HERE for details and to enter!  **If you aren't done yet, you can still enter now, no Judging will happen until January 10th.

Our 1st Guest Judge is April Durham 

Where do you live?
Twin Falls, Idaho

Are you Single, Married, have Kids?
Married, no kids (yet!)

How long have you been a Blog Designer?
A little over two years.

How did you get into Blog Design?
I started tweaking my own blog design, and offering free headers for my followers.  Then set up packages, pricing, etc...etc..and the rest is history!

Is Designing Blogs your only job?
Yep!  Went full-time in June 2010.

What is your designing program of choice?
Photoshop mostly, and Illustrator (sometimes!)

Show off your favorite blog design that you have done, what is the URL?
What! Just ONE?!  Sigh - okay.   This one was pretty recent and I think it's cute! It's Blogger. http://www.thethinkinspot.blogspot.com/    

This is my favorite Wordpress one so far!  thesuburbanmom.com....oh and this one thelovebugadventures.com

Wild Card Questions:

If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be?
A panda.  Exotic and chubby. 

What was the last movie you went to see?
Burlesque.  Don't judge - Christina is my teenage idol! *does Genie in a Bottle dance*

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
Lettuce.  Lots and lots of lettuce.  You decide whether it's there because I love it - or it's STILL there because I don't eat it.

What is the last book you read?
*sheepish*  I read books out of obligation - and the last one was the first Twilight book.  My husband wanted me to read it because the author is his cousin.  (Not like 54th cousin twice removed....like the kind that shows up to family reunions.) So I think he wanted me to get into that, but it didn't happen.  LOL!

What is your favorite color?
You're asking a graphic designer their favorite color?  Pink. Duh.

What is the last book you read?
I'm Confused by Deja Vu  (hee, hee...just kidding! repeated question)

Any advise for the DIY Blog Designer?
Yep!  Take a class instead of trial and error! LOL!  Just kidding - but seriously....I offer workshops and classes because it took me two years to design blogs using trial and error and I figure people would appreciate quick tutorials and videos instead! LOL!


  1. April is the best! Although I prefer another of her designs myself, but I'm biased cause it's my blog LOL! And her classes are really awesome.

  2. Great interview April - loved getting to know you a bit better girlie :)


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