DIY Custom Blog Design Contest!

If you have or want to create your own Custom Blog Design, enter for my contest!  You have until January 9th at Midnight to enter.  I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to design their blogs from head to toe!  I have plenty of tutorials to get you started, just click on my Tutorials page.  If you don't have Photoshop or any other design software, that is no excuse :)  Just go to Paint.net for FREE software that is similar to Photoshop.  AND I also have new tutorials that show you how to make a custom blog design with NO software at all!!!!

Who can enter?
Anyone that is NOT a professional Blog Designer

What are the Rules?
1.  Your blog must be designed by you!  (You may use digi kits and other digital freebies to put it together)
2.  Have Fun!

How do I enter?
Easy, just add yourself to the linky list on the bottom of this post.  You don't have to be finished with your design to enter, but you HAVE to enter by January 9th at midnight (no judging will take place until January 10th).

Who Wins and what is the Prize?
When the contest ends on January 9th, I will pick 10 finalists.  Then I will have 4 other Custom Blog Designers help me make the final decision.

1st Place wins:  
$100 towards any of my Design Services (Custom Illustration, Design Shoppe, Custom Blog Design, or Advertising)  See my website here.

2nd Place wins:  
$50 towards advertising on any of my sites.  See my Advertising Rates Here.

3rd Place wins:  
3 Months of advertising on Makin Cute' Blogs

Have Fun Designing!  If you get stuck on anything, email me or comment with your question, and I will do my best to help out :)

Oh, and because of this contest, I will be pushing WordPress week out, it will start on December 20th, and I will do DIY Week again next week, so that I can get you more tutorials!

Oh, and Grab one of these :)


  1. Dear Carolyn, Thank you so much for hosting the contest. Hope I win ;)

    i heart pretty stuffs

  2. Thank you so much, Carolynn!!!

  3. Thanks! I've already redone my header from your great tutorials :)

  4. I've entered!!! hope i win! love your works!!! and thank you for the tutorials! now i can design my own blog!! :D

  5. So, I redesigned my whole blog with your tutorials and then clicked to see what the contest was. How exciting! I so appreciate your blog! Thanks for all your hard work:)

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a great time renovating my space and now I fee so smart and so accomplished thanks to you. I think I will go work on my mom's blog now. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  7. I entered!

    I do design other people's blogs for free, though. Does that count as being a professional? I wasn't sure so I entered, but if it does I'll withdraw.



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