New Thing!

As I have been working on these DIY Custom Blog Design tutorials, I got thinking.....  I am going to start doing "How I designed this tutorials" or some name like that.  What I am going to do is keep working on sample designs, and with everyone of them, I am going to show you how I did it! 

Because of the contest, I am going to put my "Weeks" on hold till the contest is over, and until then, I am going to show you how to Design more Blogs!  So stay tuned, more fun tutorials to come!


  1. I can't wait! Someone stopped my blog recently and told me it was cute-- it's all because of you!

  2. OK, Carolyn. Don't worry, whatever you're doing, you're doing a very good deed and I support you 110%. Can't wait for your fun and lovely tutorials.

    i heart pretty stuffs


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