SEO Quick Tip: The "ALT" Attribute

This is a super easy thing that you can do to improve the search-ability of your site, and to make it more user friendly.

What is the ALT?
ALT is an alternative text for images.  So if an image doesn't load properly on a website or page (and how often does that happen, a lot...), the alternative text is what will replace the image.

Why is it so important?
ALT is so important, because it tells Google and other search engines what they can't see in an image, they don't know what that image is.

How to use the ALT Attribute:

1.  If the image displaying text, like my example below, then you need to put the text that is displayed in the image in the alt attribute. 

The alt text would read as follows:  alt="Welcome to Makin' Cute Blogs, a place for Designers, Custom Blog Designers, and Do It Yourselfers."

2.  If the image is a normal image, the alt would describe the picture.
The alt text could read as follows:  alt="Close Up Photo of a Pink Flower"

3.  If your image is a bullet point, use:  alt="*"

4.  If your image is a line break, or post divider, use:  alt="-----------------"

Where does the alt go in your code?

Sample Code (this is my featured on grab button code):
<a href="http://makincuteblogs.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq269/carolynnreynolds/FeaturedOn.png" border="0" alt="Featured on Makin' Cute Blogs"></a>

How to add the ALT Attribute to images in your posts on Blogspot:

1.  Click Edit HTML.

2.  Put  alt="your alternative text" just before /></a> of your image.

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