New! Custom Illustrations

I have been doing custom Illustrations for my clients for a long time, and it just hit me, that I should offer them to anyone!!  So if you are a DIYer and you want to have that unique Avatar, I can help.  How it works, is that you send me a photo of yourself and details of what you are looking for (pose, accessories, ect.).  I will take those and turn it into a super cute illustration (no stock, so it is completely unique to you).

Blog Designers:  If you would like to offer my custom illustrations to your clients as an alternative to iStock, I will give you or your customer 10% off my services.  You can either send your clients directly to me to do the illustration portion of the design, or you can relay what they want to me, so that you are still in on what the illustration outcome is. **Just make sure that if you send them directly to me that you have them tell me who referred them so that I can give them the discount :)

Below are a few examples of my illustration work:


  1. You are SO TALENTED!!!!!!!!! WOW!!

  2. OMG!!!! Absolutely Love Them. Do you do custom work. I'm currently looking for my website that's under construction right now.


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