Time to Announce our Winners!!

This was so much fun, but it was way hard!  You all did such a great job.  I am so glad that I had 5 other judges to help me, I just couldn't have picked on my own.  So, first, THANK YOU judges!  Second, this was a close pick, there was only 1 point difference between the first and second place!

There were a 125 points possible between all 6 judges.

Our First Place Winner, with 108 points was.....

 ....and in 2nd, with 107 points!

..... finally, our 3rd Place winner, with 101 points.....

Please visit our winners, by clicking on the images above, and Congratulate them!  Thank you so much to everyone that entered, I hope you love your new looks!

***Winners, email me and we will talk about your prizes!


  1. Congratulations! You all have beautiful blogs. :)

  2. Congrats - some great work there :)

  3. I was in meetings all day and could hardly wait to get time to log on to see who won and to my surprise I found my own header posted in third place. Imagine that! I am thrilled! Thank you to all of the judges. I checked out each and every one of your spaces and they are all so beautiful. I feared mine a bit busy, but it makes me happy. Thank you, Carolynn, for this fun experience! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic


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