Help! Theme for Next Week.

I have a few ideas for next week and weeks to come, but I would love your feedback.  I want to make up for the lack of posts this week.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Adobe Illustrator Week (I am an Illustrator Junkie!  I use it for 80% or more of my work)
2.  Texture Week (Lots of ideas for freebies and Tutorials)
3.  SEO Week (Search Engine Optimization)
4.  Lets Get Organized Week (Tips, Ideas, Balance and more on being an organized Custom Blog Designer or Freelancer ~ Not that I am an expert on this :)
5.  Photography Week (I happen to be married to a Photographer, and I have some fun ideas for this)
6.  DIY Week (TUTORIALS - Everything you need to know to make a Custom Blog Design)
7.  Social Networking Week (Fun Stuff!)
8.  Background Week (Lots of ideas, tutorials and freebies)
9.  Header Week (I could do a Flash Header Tutorial, Rotating Header Tutorial, and some other ideas)
10.  Logos/Identity/Branding Week

I know that I listed a lot of stuff, I just have soo much that I want to post about, but I really want/need to know what you are interested in.  So please leave me a quick comment with your favorite, or you could even number of your Favorite to Least favorites because I will eventually get to them all.



  1. Most useful for me would be textures. I make my own, but it's always good to come across some free ones which I can try out.

    Least useful would be Adobe Illustrator as I don't use that.

    Hope that helped :)

  2. So hard! All of these would be great. I vote for #3, 7 or 8.

  3. All are great but my picks for now are 3, 9 and 10! Leanne xx

  4. I like #5 and #1:) Love your blog by the way!!

  5. I love anything that would have tutorials, especially one that would have the tutorial for making a custom "see full post" for page braking. =)

  6. I'd love for you to post about textures or SEO. Thank you for asking us!


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