Color Inspiration: 20 Blog Designs with Great Color Schemes

I put together a collection of blog design with fun and unique color schemes.  I didn't pay attention to the design as much as trying to find color combinations that stood out to me.  Again (like always), these are in no particular order.  Let me know what you think, and I hope you find these collections useful.

1.  B is for... Brown, Breath & Believe designed by Penny Lane Designs

2.  Sea Glass Rocks designed by Splendid Sparrow

3.  Bright Yellow World designed by Splendid Sparrow

4.  Make Up Not Down designed by April Showers Blog Design

5.  Faded Plains designed by Boutique Mama

6.  A Jaded Mama designed by Studio Chic Design

7.  Random Musings of My Life designed by Bloggy Blog Designz

8.  Blog Guidebook

9.  Sure Thing Falling designed by Forever Design Studio

10.  Stephanie by Design Photography designed by Busy.B{Custom}Designs

11.  Pink and Green Mama designed by Indiechick Designs

12.  Rice Photography designed by Lemon Cherry Blogs

13.  Big Mama designed by Desperately Seeking Wordpress

14.  Lilac City Momma designed by Busy.B{Custom}Designs

15. Just Weimaraners

16.  Stephanie Baffone designed by Restored 316 Designs

17.  Hoity Toity Baby designed by Lucky Girl Design Studio

18.  Heather Bailey

19.  Merbella designed by Forever Design Studio

20.  Moorea Seal


  1. Wow, I feel like a giddy schoolgirl to have not one but two of my designs on the list! ^_^ I am SO excited to put the "featured on" button on my blogsite! Thank you so much! :D


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