Today's Featured Font Website: Miss Tiina Fonts

Miss Tiina's website was a fairly new find for me, but a very pleasant find!  I have already featured her once for one of her digital freebies.  She offers free fonts that are ohhh so cute!  Please check her site out, I know you will love it! 

These are some of my favorite fonts from Miss Tiina:

Her Terms of Use are simple, and here they are:

MTF Terms Of Use
Free for personal use – meaning anything you will not receive money for… personal blogs, websites, projects etc.
Digital Designers: Free WITH credit in your TOU or by placing a link to my site on your site.
Digital Designers: $5.00 per font, no credit required. Click here to purchase Font Licensing
Commercial Use Other: $35.00 per font.
If you wish to use Miss Tiina Fonts in other ways not mentioned here (such as branding/logos or commercial websites) you must purchase Extended Licensing which is $35.00 per font.


  1. Once again, thank you thank you thank you! youre such a darling, very generous and helpful to share such great finds! love yah!

  2. Looks cute! But where is the link her site (my apologies If I missed it)?

  3. Katie,
    Thanks for catching that! Haha, I posted this at 3am last night, obviously I was too tired to think straight :) Now it is fixed.


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