Kicking off Typography Week!

 Image Credit: Designed by Mo Lara

I am sooo excited about this week! 

Reason #1:  I LOVE typography, always have, always will.  I think my love for Typography really began with my first design class in college, it was a typography class at Southern Utah University with Mr. Brimmer.  It was fantastic, he could talk about typefaces with enthusiasm for hours. 

Reason #2:  I have done some serious digging and found some really cool stuff to share!  I am going to give you a featured Free Font Website every day this week as well as a list of a few more for Saturday.  I have some nice inspiration for you as well as a few tutorials.  So please give me your feedback throughout the week, I hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.

1 comment:

  1. Please keep it coming, youre really such a big helpful person! i love yah already!



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