How to do Expandable Posts in Blogspot

I was trying to clean up my site the other day, and I hadn't even realized that blogger's new posting editor allows you to condense your posts on the main page and click on "Read More" to read the rest of the article.  It is a fabulous way for your readers to be able to find what they are looking for more easily, with out having to scroll down long articles.

The new tool offered is called the Insert Jump Break tool.  This is what it looks like:
Here is how you post and use the tool:

If you do not see this toolbar, it is probably because you are still using the old editor.  To get the new editor, go to your "Settings" tab and "Basic".

Scroll to the bottom and make sure that "Updated Editor" is selected.

And there you have it Condensed Summary Posts that are expandable!


  1. Thank you for your precious tutorial and posts.
    Thank you very much Carolynn.
    P.S. Your little dauther is very sweet!

  2. How cool! I had seen it there and thought... hmmm page break? But that makes a lot of sense.

  3. I had no idea what that was so I never used it! Thanks so much for explaining it! I am LOVING everything I am seeing on your many blogs. I have a question about this tutorial though...once we insert the jump break, how do we add a cute "read more" button on the main blog page? Ex: yours says "see full post" in a cute little box...I'm afraid that if I use this jump break, my readers may not see the 'read more' link as it is very small on my blog...thanks for your help!!


  4. Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. I love your blog and think it will be a fab resource for bloggers and designers alike. Best of luck with it. Lou x

  5. Just found this post. Thanks, just updated my site!

  6. I found you today and am so glad of it! So much information. Thank you, thank you for sharing you knowledge with us. I have been looking for months for help in building my blog, and it hss so difficult to find. I stumbled upon your blog and just love the tutorials I have already had a chance to read.
    Many blessings for your teaching, tutoring, and all around fun here!


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