20 Beautifully Simple Custom Blog Designs for Inspiration.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see a simple blog design.  Sometimes it is too easy to get carried away and go over the top with a blog design, especially when working with a client that doesn't know when to stop :)  I hope you enjoy this collection that I put together of some of my favorite simple designs (in no particular order). 

1. ewe hooo!  by June Lily Studio

2.  snap mama by June Lily Studio

3. Oven Love by Sherbet Blossom Designs

4. Our New (Old) House by Penny Lane Designs

5. One Sweet Find by Penny Lane Designs

6. From the Aisle to Aloha by Designer Blogs

7. Clay Australia by Smitten Blog Designs

8. oh, hello, friend: you are loved by oh, hello, friend: you are loved

9. Lindsey Roth Culli by Dirt and Lace Designs

10. M4H Photography by Graffiti Chicks

11. The Adventures of Brook by WRECKLESS | ELEMENTS

12. KDaly Photography by Dress My Blog

13. Sage by Sadie Olive

14. Bird Nest Cottage by Sadie Olive

15. Art & Appetite by Gisele Jaquenod

16. Capture Simplicity by Aqua Poppy Design

17. Shabby Blogs by Shabby Blogs

18. My Little Monsters by Delicious Design Studio

19. Red Bud Designs by Red Bud Designs

20.  Dreams and Spaghetti-o's by Red Bud Designs

I really hope you enjoyed my collection.  There are tons more great simple blogs out there, so if you have one, or know of one that inspires you comment with the link!

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  1. Great inspiration! I'm currently making over my little blog, and am trying to keep it nice and simple. These blogs are super examples, thanks!


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